IT Training in Lagos Nigeria

Our Bootcamp Training in Lagos

We offer beginner-friendly, practical and project-based training in Nigeria with world-class support and job recommendation to our students. 

DevOps Engineering

We structure our DevOps curriculum to help you get up to speed with the concepts and tools that are in demand by organizations with hands-on projects

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Software Development

Our software development is designed to take you from novice to intermediate level with tons of projects to make you job ready.

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Data Analytics

Our data analytics will give you an edge as we take your through processes and tools needed to be job ready even without any prior coding experience

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Mobile App

Gain practical experience on how to move from prototyping to build a real world apps that can be deployed to playstore even without prior experience

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UX Design

Give expression to your creativity and learn concepts that will make you become in-demand UX designer even without prior knowdge

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Digital Marketing

Learn up to date tools and concepts to help businesses to grow and expand by leveraging digital marketing

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Software Engineering

Learn core concepts of Computer science, Data Structure, Algorithm, software engineering principles and more

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Learn in demand tools to help organizations protect themselves from cyber attcks and stay safe

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Frontend Development

Learn how to design software interfaces that is appealing to users.

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Backend Development

Create functional apps that can be consumed by frontend developers using APIs.

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Website Design

Learn how to build website fast using WordPress with functionalities like payment, e-commerce, user registration and more

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Data Science

Learn how to make prediction and classification of data to help businesses improve decision making and grow using machine learning

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PHP and Laravel web development

Learn how to build frontend and backend of websites using PHP, Laravel, and MySQL

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Tech365 is a register ICT Training company in Lagos Nigeria. Over the years, we have training several students in Canada, UK, United States, Nigeria and more

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