In today’s rapidly changing world where our lives have been digitalized, programming languages are some of the most useful skills to possess. One of the most popular and relevant programming languages that exist today is python, and it offers a lot of growth opportunities. Because of its numerous functionalities, python has created a rapid decrease in the need for other programming languages.

Python is an open-source language, and it has a huge community, which is strongly supported by its members. Perhaps you are trying to fathom what python really is and what its functionalities are that make it so special. Well, python is a general-purpose programming language, which can be used for software, web and mobile application development. A major advantage lies in the fact that python is very flexible and easy to understand for beginners.

Pythonistas – as its users are called – use python to build, implement, and debug projects. Python is also used by software engineers, web and mobile app developers, coders, as well as data scientists. The projects and applications created are tailored to suit the needs of the client or the developer’s employer.

There are several reasons why being a python programmer is a lucrative career. As said earlier, it is an easily scripted language that can be learned swiftly. Python’s flexibility and adaptation have made business owners itch to hire skilful python developers. Be it as it may, having a successful career as a python programmer requires a whole lot of effort. To elucidate the facts in clear terms, below are some of the skills that are required for you to be a successful Pythonista

Possess problem-solving skills

To enjoy a lucrative career in python especially as a beginner you need to have the ability to construct algorithms to solve a problem. And if you do not have background knowledge in computer science, it would be best to study the core concepts of computer science. Understanding concepts like linear and non-linear data structures would help you organize the data thats processed in your applications.

Understand Python’s standard library

You must understand how to import code that has been previously written and bundled with python as part of its standard library. It is valid to say that having an in-depth awareness of what functionality is provided by the standard library can save you valuable development time, by reusing efficient code that has already been written and rigorously tested.

Leaning task automation

Task automation is one of the most trending topics in the digital world. Business owners are increasingly searching for ways to create automated messages while carrying out their daily activities. Learning task automation is a great deal.

Web applications

With python’s Django or flask framework, a Pythonista can write complete web applications using python as the primary backend language. This allows for the swift creation of internal applications on company intranets to run automation tasks through web portals and create html5 based UI tooling.

Machine learning

Python has become one of the top languages for prototyping machine learning-based workflows and data science, with the existence of the scikit-learn framework. The knowledge of this aspect of python allows a developer to explore and gather more insights from their data. Beyond learning new libraries, participating in python seminars, and possessing the skills stated above; there are other ways by which you can make a lucrative career as a Pythonista.

With all being said; did you know that you can become learn all these core areas of python within 2 months? If you would like to become a professional Pythonista, we can help you out. Beyond teaching you how to become a python programmer within 2 to 4 months, we would recommend you for jobs after your training.

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    1. Cybersecurity is also in demand. However, mostly by multinational companies not usually by small businesses. It will also require certification as it is a sensitive career. Here is a list of our courses

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