Switching career to tech?
Self-taught vs bootcamp
Both have their pros and cons.
Self-taught may be
1. Cheaper
2. Good choice for those who love figuring things out on their own.
However, it also has its own downside such as
1. It takes longer to understand many concepts as you may have to move from one video to another for clarity.
2. Debugging issues may be tough at the beginning as you may not have someone handy who can guide you on areas you are having challenges.
3. You spend more money on data to either consume or download tutorials
4. Tutorial hell. Since there isn’t a structured part, you tend to watch fundamentals again and again instead of moving to the next stage on time.
5. Lack of recommendation. Even after you have learned enough, you may not have mentors that can refer you for jobs or internships.
Bootcamp has the following benefits
1. Faster learning pace as the knowledge is simplified, and more structured with projects in between to shorten your learning curve.
You are able to cover fundamentals within a short time and move to the intermediate stage faster.
2. Support. Having someone who can provide a guide whenever you face challenges can be a lifesaver for beginners.
3. Referral for jobs and internship opportunities
4. Ability to network with other members of the Bootcamp
5. Updated curriculum as self-learners may be consuming old tutorials without knowing.
6. Leveraging the experience of the instructors and avoiding the mistakes they made much earlier.
The downside of bootcamp may be the fees, however, the support, structured nature of the training, and job recommendation make it worthwhile.
Tech365 offers bootcamp in data analytics, DevOps, software development, mobile app, digital marketing, UX design, and other key tech courses in Lagos Nigeria.
Call or WhatsApp 08029704730 to know more.

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  1. Is it on site or online

    1. Tech365 offers both online and physical training depending on your preference. You can let us know which of the training you are interested in.
      Here are the list of courses https://tech365.ng/training

  2. Ugwu Kelechi Emmanuel

    What about Cyber security

    1. Cybersecurity is also in demand. However, mostly by multinational companies not usually by small businesses. It will also require certification as it is a sensitive career. Here is a list of our courses https://tech365.ng/training

  3. Where can i learn and apply

  4. You can learn online through zoom or at our Ikeja office in Lagos Nigeria.
    Register here https://tech365.ng/register

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