The recent global pandemic has arguably improved lives for good and bad. For bad, many individuals were laid-off and experienced hard times; while for good, many finally created the time to enhance their skills with online courses that took over the internet during the lockdown process. In all honesty, this has made the labour market clumsier, hence, adding more woes to the nation’s unemployment rate. Apparently, getting hired now is as complicated as or even more complicated than the pre-covid-19 era. Nevertheless, there are still many chances of getting that job offer. In order words, presenting your very best self can earn you a position at a multinational organization. Meanwhile, a slightly overlooked detail can ruin your chances of securing that position, regardless of how talented you are. A little lump can go a long way to destroy the whole yeast. Therefore, you need to look out for loopholes and ensure that your candidacy is as polished as possible.

1. Make your LinkedIn profile easy for recruiters to find

By now, you should know that your resume ought to have been polished to a certain standard. As it were, if you are optimizing your resume while ignoring your LinkedIn account, you are obviously lagging. You should endeavour to give your LinkedIn profile a good update every now and then. One of the benefits embedded in updating your LinkedIn profile is that you have a shot at impressing hiring managers with your online footprints. More importantly, an optimized profile makes it easier for recruiters to locate you when searching for jobs that are within your space.

2. Set up a personal website or blog

Time and time again, employers tend to favour productive candidates who are not idle during their jobless time. Thus, building a personal website is a great way to show employers what you have done before you even walk through the door. With a web address, you can tell hiring managers more about your capacities than your resume will. Interestingly, you dont need to break the bank to get a running website. With very few efforts, you can open a free website on WordPress.

3. Build your network

The job your resume wouldn’t get you, networking would get it for you within a short period. Networking is arguably one of the most effective ways to get a job. In other words, when faced with multiple applicants with the same skills, a hiring manager is likely to interview or hire the person he or she has a personal connection. Therefore, if you would like to make yourself more hireable, you should endeavour to attend conferences & seminars, exchange contacts and build quality relationships.

4. Acquire new skills

You should endeavour to look out for ads in your field and check for skills that employers require. You should then go and learn those skills if they are not already on your resume. Thanks to e-learning, getting certified or accredited through various institutions that offer classes online in a wide range of fields are now predominant. In other words, you can enhance your skills in the comfort of your home and get certified within a few weeks. Luckily, some online platforms offer free courses too. All these possible options should be explored.

5. Volunteer

Another way to become in demand and enhance your skills is by volunteering. Offering free service at your favourite charity portrays you as a selfless individual and allows you to meet new people. Plus, it serves as an opportunity for you to build your portfolio.

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  1. Is it on site or online

    1. Tech365 offers both online and physical training depending on your preference. You can let us know which of the training you are interested in.
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    What about Cyber security

    1. Cybersecurity is also in demand. However, mostly by multinational companies not usually by small businesses. It will also require certification as it is a sensitive career. Here is a list of our courses

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  4. You can learn online through zoom or at our Ikeja office in Lagos Nigeria.
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